What to eat after wisdom teeth removal?

What to eat after wisdom teeth removal?

Having your wisdom teeth removed can cause discomfort, but the right food choices can help aid recovery.

It is quite normal to experience some swelling and discomfort after a wisdom tooth removal, and you may feel sore for some time following the procedure. In fact, your mouth might take up to a few weeks to heal completely. It’s very important that you stay hydrated and nourished during this recovery period. To help you through your recovery, we’ve put together some food ideas that are easy to eat and good for you…

Best soup for wisdom teeth removal

They are easy to eat because they don’t require any chewing, and it’s possible to pack a lot of nutrients into one meal. They also help to keep you properly hydrated. Just remember to eat your soup cold or lukewarm rather than hot — hot liquids can cause irritation in the mouth and lead to discomfort. Keep your soups interesting by making your own from your favourite veggies — blended pumpkin is a tasty option.

Why is protein important?

Because you won’t be able to eat many whole foods while your mouth heals, it’s a good idea to choose foods that are high in protein and other nutrients. Protein aids recovery, and plays an important role in rebuilding healthy new tissue.

When it comes to choosing foods that are protein-rich, yoghurt is a great option. Besides its high protein content, it’s also full of calcium. The texture also makes it easy to consume while your mouth still feels tender.

Another great source of protein is scrambled eggs, which are easy to chew, especially as your mouth starts to heal. If you feel ready to start eating more solid foods, try a soft fish like cooked salmon, which is generally easy to chew and swallow with minimal effort.

Healthy snack ideas

If you’re looking for a way to eat more vegetables, but need a change from soups, try some mashed potatoes or pumpkin. These vegetables are both packed with nutrients, with the added benefit of being tasty. Mashed avocado also makes for a nourishing snack — they’re an excellent source of healthy fats and vitamins. For a really high-protein snack, mix your avocado with some cottage cheese.

Soft or cooked fruits are also a good option — mashed bananas, as well as puréed apples and pears are good sources of vitamins, which can help with your recovery. Plus, the soft texture makes them very easy to eat. For a real treat that’s soothing for a sore mouth, freeze a banana before blending it with a little milk to make a healthy alternative to traditional ice cream.

How to make a healthy smoothie

To really pack in a lot of nutrients in one go — think protein, fruits and veggies — get creative with smoothies. You can use any fresh produce you like, including berries, bananas and even spinach or kale and blend them with a little yoghurt, milk, or coconut water. A delicious (and nutritious) combination is frozen berries, banana, a scoop of protein powder and the milk of your choice. To get in your greens, try combining a handful of spinach, half a cucumber, and a banana with some apple juice and ice. When it comes to making healthy smoothies, the options are really endless. Find the ingredients that you enjoy most, and play with combinations to keep them interesting.

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