Children's Dentistry: Dr Mamatha Chitturi

At Eagle Heights Dental Care, we offer great dental care for your child. We enjoy treating children and Dr Mamatha Chitturi has years of experience with the management of children in a dental environment.

We suggest the first check up to be done at two years of age so your child can to become more familiar with the dental environment. This way, we can prevent the fear of the unknown.

Contrary to what many people think, children can be surprisingly cooperative if they have a thorough explanation about what is happening to them, and if they have the freedom to ask and touch things in the dental practice.

Why are baby teeth so important?

The ‘milk teeth’ or ‘baby teeth’ are as equally important for children as adult teeth are for us. These teeth keep the space necessary for the permanent teeth and promote efficient mastication [chewing] until they start to exfoliate [become loose and fall out] and are replaced by the permanent teeth.

Children must have good healthy teeth and gums to eat properly. When they have discomfort from untreated dental problems it can lead to a fear of dentists due to pain being involved.

We strongly advise you to take your child for an early consultation and to ask questions about the best toothbrush and correct brushing techniques, toothpaste and ideas for healthy snacks, etc.

When do you recommend that I bring my child in for their first dental check-up?

We recommend that you bring your child in to see us for their first dental check-up at around the age of two years old. This will allow your little one to become familiar with our dental practice from an early age, and can be very helpful in preventing anxiety associated with visits to the dentist. We love treating children, and take pride in providing gentle care to our young patients. We encourage children to ask any questions they have and to explore the practice so that they feel comfortable.

We are more than happy to help you protect your child’s/children’s teeth and smile.