Orthodontic treatment North Mt Tamborine

Orthodontics is the area of dentistry related to straightening teeth and promoting a stable smile. These days it is also very important to mention the other important benefits that can be achieved with proper orthodontics treatment, like improved dental posture and a stable TMJ (jaw joint).

Orthodontic treatment can be started early, enabling us to use the jaw growth to help promote some expansion in the bone creating the proper space necessary for permanent teeth. This can be done with orthodontic removable appliances or Myofunctional appliances. When properly chosen and designed, these can be extremely successful.

What age can my child get braces?

Treatment is also done with conventional fixed braces. The normal age for braces is around 12-14 years of age.

It is really important that your child has an early orthodontic assessment. This early assessment is very important if you have any concerns regarding the positioning of teeth or shape of the jaw.

How long does treatment take?

The treatment takes an average of 24 months to complete, however, in minor cases, the time frame can be less than that.

Today, we have many options for orthodontic treatment available for children through to adults. We can discuss with you all the options available and which one would suit your or your child the best.

At Eagle Heights Dental Care, Dr Claudia Rodridges and Dr Lakshmanan Sivarajan provide the orthodontic care for our patients.

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