Importance of a dental check-up and clean

Even though you may already follow a diligent dental care process at home, a dental check-up and clean is required every six months in order to sustain good oral health.

At Eagle Heights Dental Care, Dr Claudia Rodrigues’s gracious nature can make your dental check-ups and clean a pleasant experience.

Here is the procedure that we follow before, during and after a dental check-up and clean at Eagle Heights Dental Care.

Before a Dental Check-up and Clean

  • You will be advised to disclose your medical history, such as, diabetes, arthritis, pregnancy and medication that you are currently on and their dosages.
  • It is important that you bring to our attention any health concerns, anxieties, allergies or any other medical information that you may have to avoid complications concerning any dental treatments in the future and to make sure you get the best kind of care that you need.

During a Dental Check-up and Clean

Once your medical concerns have been discussed, you will then move onto the process of the dental check-up and cleaning.

Teeth cleaning and polishing

Your teeth will undergo a thorough cleaning. We will use a special instrument called a hand scaler to scrape off and remove built up plaque and tartar that collects on your teeth.

Then a tooth polisher and paste will be used to get rid of any excess residue that may have been missed during the cleaning, leaving your teeth smoother and with a shiny finish.

Assess teeth after cleaning

Once your teeth have been cleaned and polished, we will then assess your teeth using a metal probe with a mirror to help us view behind and in between your teeth and gums.

We will check for any swelling of the gums, mouth sores and redness and then discuss any dental hygiene problems that are detected during the assessment process.

Dental X-rays

Before going into a thorough dental examination by our dentist a dental x-ray is required to check if there are any issues below the mouth’s surface.

A digital x-ray not only provides a safer option to our traditional alternatives, but also requires a far lower level of radiation and is also a faster way of establishing problems at their root cause.

We now have an OPG x-ray machine on site to give us an image of your whole mouth/jaw. This helps us see any crowding of teeth and wisdom teeth and any previous Root canals, Implants or other dental procedures that is important to us and that you are unaware about.

Dental X-rays also allow for the manipulation in viewing the area in question, as they can zoom in, change contrast levels and magnify the area where a suspected issue may be occurring and are therefore a far more effective tool than their older counterparts. At Eagle Heights Dental Care we are proud to offer to our patients Dental Digital X-rays.

Dental examination by a dentist

Ideally, during your very first dental checkup and clean, you may have a more thorough dental examination. This is called a comprehensive examination. During the comprehensive dental examination, your mouth, head, and neck will be extensively examined.

Your jaw bones will be checked from the outside of your mouth while you bite down to ensure there is no clicking from your jaw joints. This is then followed by an examination of your neck and behind your jaw to inspect if there are any signs of oral cancer.

After a Dental Check-up and Clean

  • Once you have completed your dental check-up and clean, we will let you know exactly what your dental orals needs are and will advise you about the next steps that you can take to improve your oral health.
  • We will then be able to prescribe any necessary treatments to prevent or treat dental problems.


The process of placing a filling generally only takes one appointment to complete. Your dentist will use a local anaesthetic to numb your mouth before removing the decaying area of the affected tooth. This prepares the tooth for restoration. Once the tooth has been properly cleared of decay and prepared, the composite resin material is applied in layers and hardened on the tooth. This hardening process only takes a few seconds. The composite resin is then shaped, trimmed and polished so that your restoration looks and feels natural.

At Eagle Heights Dental Care, we offer dental fillings that are made from a composite resin material. The material is tooth coloured, which means that the restorations are virtually invisible once they have been placed in the mouth. The composite resin is also very hard wearing and durable, and provide very strong support to the tooth. Traditional dental fillings, on the other hand, are made from silver amalgam metal, which is much more visible in the mouth. Composite resin is generally the preferred material for restorations in modern dentistry.

Yes. We offer tooth coloured restorations made from composite resin, which are a much healthier and safer choice than the traditional amalgam silver fillings. When you come in to have a dental filling placed, the procedure will be performed by one of our highly experienced and skilled dentists, who will ensure that the restoration is placed correctly. Although the placement of tooth coloured restorations requires a complex technique, our dentists are fully qualified to perform the procedure. Your oral health and comfort are our priorities, so you can rest assured that the treatment is both safe and effective.